Archive - HOL/1

Gustav Holst

11 Component Record(s)
Level Ref. Title Date
Series HOL/1/1 Music manuscripts of Gustav Holst circa 1891-1934
Series HOL/1/2 Published music of Gustav Holst circa 1906-1980s
Series HOL/1/3 Libretti for Gustav Holst's works circa 1908-1930
Series HOL/1/4 Additional music manuscripts circa 1900-1930
Series HOL/1/5 Correspondence to and from Gustav Holst 1897-1934
Series HOL/1/6 Gustav Holst's engagement diaries 1912-1934
Series HOL/1/7 Gustav Holst's notebooks 1913-1934
Series HOL/1/8 Gustav Holst's lecture notes circa 1900-1930
Series HOL/1/9 Agreements with publishers for Gustav Holst works 1890-1998
Series HOL/1/10 Lists of Gustav Holst's compositions [circa 1900-1934]
Series HOL/1/11 Copies of music manuscripts of Gustav Holst held elsewhere undated