Archive - HOL/2

Imogen Holst

23 Component Record(s)
Level Ref. Title Date
Series HOL/2/1 Music manuscripts of Imogen Holst 1918-1984
Series HOL/2/2 Copies of Imogen Holst's music manuscripts held elsewhere 1985-1993
Series HOL/2/3 Transcriptions and work in progress on editions and arrangements circa 1926-1984
Series HOL/2/4 Published music of Imogen Holst 1932-1985
Series HOL/2/5 Performance parts for Gustav Holst works circa 1930-1984
Series HOL/2/6 Manuscript and printed music of other composers belonging to Imogen Holst circa 1930-1984
Series HOL/2/7 Imogen Holst's scrapbooks and scrapboxes 1926-1984
Series HOL/2/8 Correspondence circa 1919-1984
Series HOL/2/9 Engagement diaries of Imogen Holst 1930-1984
Series HOL/2/10 Journals and travel diaries 1928-1977
Series HOL/2/11 Photographs circa 1900-1990s
Series HOL/2/12 Personal circa 1912-1984
Series HOL/2/13 Articles, programme notes, lectures and broadcasts c.1930-1984
Series HOL/2/14 Files concerning Gustav Holst's music and legacy 1939-1988
Series HOL/2/15 Holst relations 1914-2001
Series HOL/2/16 Administrative and work files 1940s-1984
Series HOL/2/17 Publisher's and peforming rights 1940s-1984
Series HOL/2/18 Publications files 1951-1996
Series HOL/2/19 Published books by Imogen Holst 1938-2008
Series HOL/2/20 Books and publications by authors other than Imogen Holst circa 1900-1984
Series HOL/2/21 Aldeburgh Festival programme books 1948-1983
Series HOL/2/22 Recordings circa 1930-1984
Series HOL/2/23 Index cards undated