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Publications and periodicals

20 Component Record(s)
Level Ref. Title Date
Item CRS/14/1 Copy of The Sadler's Wells Book: A Souvenir of Sadler's Wells Theatre; Past, Present and Future 1931
Item CRS/14/2 The Broad Principles of Vocal Technique by Dawson Freer 1931
Item CRS/14/3 Copy of Theatre World Souvenir programme circa 1934
Item CRS/14/4 Copy of Play Pictorial Vol LXX No 417 Apr 1937
Item CRS/14/5 Copy of Play Pictorial Vol LXXII No 428 Mar 1938
Item CRS/14/6 Copy of Sir Henry Wood: Fifty Years of the Proms 1944
Item CRS/14/7 Copy of Opera in English by Tyrone Guthrie, Edwin Evans, Joan Cross, Edward J. Dent and Ninette de Valois 1945
Item CRS/14/8 Tempo Quarterly from Autumn 1947, No 5 1947
Item CRS/14/9 Printed copy of The Opera in Britain 8 Nov 1948
Item CRS/14/10 The Tatler magazine 12 Oct 1949
Item CRS/14/11 Published copy of Opera Vol 1 No 1 Feb 1950
Item CRS/14/12 Published copy of Opera Vol 4 No 3 Mar 1953
Item CRS/14/13 Published copy of Opera Vol 4 No 4 Apr 1953
Item CRS/14/14 Picture Post magazine 13 Jun 1953
Item CRS/14/15 Published copy of Opera Vol 7 No 3 Mar 1956
Item CRS/14/16 The English Opera Group 1946-1956 edited by Colin Graham 1956
Item CRS/14/17 Copy of A History of Sadler's Wells Opera by Richard Jarman 1974
Item CRS/14/18 The Diaghilev Ballet in England Oct 1979- 11 Jan 1980
Item CRS/14/19 Published copy of Opera Vol 41 No 9 Sep 1990
Item CRS/14/20 Eminent Concert Singers published by Ibbs and Tillett circa 1940s-1950s