Archive - CRS/16

Collingwood Scores

17 Component Record(s)
Level Ref. Title Date
Item CRS/16/1 Printed score of Three Love Songs for Voice and Pianoforte by Lawrance Collingwood Jun 1920
Item CRS/16/2 Printed score of Oh! I would live in a dairy by Ernest Dowson and Lawrance Collingwood 1921
Item CRS/16/3 Manuscript copy of November, Elegy, Nightingales by Lawrance Collingwood Oct 1929 - Jan 1930
Item CRS/16/4 Printed score of The Wood of Flowers by James Stephens and Lawrance Collingwood Nov 1929
Item CRS/16/5 Manuscript copy of Cherry Ripe by Lawrance Collingwood Jan 1930
Item CRS/16/6 Manuscript copy of Not All In Vain from The Divan of Hafiz by Lawrance Collingwood and Gertrude Bell Jul 1930
Item CRS/16/7 Proof copy of November by Lawrance Collingwood 1946
Item CRS/16/8 Manuscript copy of Macbeth by Lawrance Collingwood 1920s-1940s
Item CRS/16/9 Manuscript copy of The Death of Tintagiles by Lawrance Collingwood 1940s-1950s
Item CRS/16/10 Manuscript copy of June by Lawrance Collingwood mid 20th century
Item CRS/16/11 Manuscript copy of Cloths of Heaven by Lawrance Collingwood mid 20th century
Item CRS/16/12 Manuscript copy of Exceeding Sorrow mid 20th century
Item CRS/16/13 Manuscript copy of Mamble by Lawrance Collingwood mid 20th century
Item CRS/16/14 Manuscript scores for Breton Folk Songs and Melodies mid 20th century
Item CRS/16/15 Manuscript copy of Spleen by Lawrance Collingwood mid 20th century
Item CRS/16/16 Front cover for The Russian Song Books by Rosa Newmarch mid 20th century
Item CRS/16/17 Untitled manuscript score mid 20th century